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Minitab Turkey Representative

Project Consulting

Our Company serves scientific and commercial projects, consultancy and software support to improve production efficiency and process improvements in Industry, Service, Education, Communication, Medical, Pharmacy, Finance, Biology, Bioinformatics, Urban and Regional Planning, Geographical Information Systems and many other fields.

Software Consulting

Inova’s expert staff has the knowledge and equipment to do their work with computer support at every stage. Our experts are experienced in technical issues such as technical calculation, statistical and mathematical modeling and simulation as well as in public and market research.

Minitab Licensing

İnova A.Ş. provides commercial and academic licensing and license update services for Minitab software.

Our Products


Statistical Analysis Software

Minitab Engage

Lean Six-Sigma and Process Improvement Project Management Software

Quality Trainer

Learn Statistics easily with animated e-learning


Modeling and Simulation software

Salford Predictive Modeler

Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics Software


Mathematical Modeling and Optimization software


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