Supply Chain



Supply Chain Module

Leverage the power of data analysis to tackle challenges in your supply chain with Minitab's Supply Chain Module.

Familiar Terminology

Minitab’s Supply Chain Module provides guided data analysis in commonly used and understood terms. Shift your focus to improving key performance indicators (KPIs) like cycle time, inventory, delivery, quality, profitability, and costs without worrying about which analysis to use.

Proven Performance

Learning statistics might not be on the top of any supply chain professional’s to-do list. For nearly 50 years, Minitab Statistical Software has been a leading, proven data analysis solution that has been used and trusted by organizations around the world.

On-Demand Assistance

Minitab is with you every step of your analysis. Information icons connect you to support pages written in your terminology with specific supply chain examples, while our industry-leading technical support team is available via phone or email to help as needed.


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