Six Sigma Project Management Software Training


Companion by Minitab Six Sigma Project Management Software Training

Companion by Minitab collects all the data about your project in one easy-to-access project file, and prepares project documents such as reports, forms, process maps in an easy and planned way.

You are invited to the training of this software that provides all the tools you need for the management, organization and standardization of your Lean Six Sigma and Continious improvement projects.

Up to date training informations

For more information about up to date trainings, you can contact us by e-mail to or by calling +90 312 210 13 44

Participant profile

All industrial applicants who interested in Six Sigma projects, managements, organization and standardization, Researchers, Academists, University students.



  • Using the Project Management Console (Project Data, Summary, Financal Data, Capability Metrics)
  • Creating a Roadmap (Creating DMAIC steps)
  • Process Map drawing and customization
  • Value Stream Map drawing and customization
  • Using existing forms (FMEA, SIPOC, C&E Matrix and dozens) and creating original forms
  • Sharing project data and creating dynamic links in original forms
  • Adding documents for the project to the project
  • Use of analysis capture tools
  • Creating Coaching
  • Creating Idea Map, Fishbone and CT-Tree diagrams
  • Using Ballot
  • Preparing a presentation